CHARNAUD SURVIVE-ARC® 100 cal CAT 4 Switching Gloves in olive

CHARNAUD SURVIVE-ARC® 100 cal CAT 4 Switching Gloves in olive

SURVIVE-ARC® Switching Gloves, ATPV 100 cal/cm² CAT 4



CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® Hand protection.

  • Five finger, fabric switching glove with stiff cuff, to be used in conjunction with a
    100 cal/cm² switching suit.
  • Must be worn as part of a complete 100 cal/cm² switching suit.

Style Number: 6GI6-6GI8

Colour : Olive

Size: S – XL.

Materials Fabric: Blend of fabrics.

Applications: Arc flash protective work wear for the electrical industry.

Hazard assessments: Thermal effects from electric arc flash, flames and flash fires.

  • Flame-resistant for the life of the garment.
  • Water washable.
Standards Fabric and gloves:

IEC 61482-2.
CE certified.
ATPV¹: 100 cal/cm² ; HAF²: 97.7%

Arc flash clothing is intended to provide protection from the thermal effects of arc flash and this product must be used as part of an appropriate set of PPC and PPE to protect against the hazards of arc flash. This product complies with standards that are intended to protect against arc flash in most situations that arise during normal use. There may be exceptional cases in which even the best protection is not enough to prevent the harm caused by arc flash or the related effects, although the product meets statutory and industry specifications, the use of this product does not guarantee that the product will provide complete protection in those
exceptional cases. If you are in doubt or do not fully understand these limitations, contact the manufacturer for full information. The product may be returned to the supplier if you are not willing to accept a product that is subject to the limitations set out above.

¹ATPV: Arc Thermal Performance Value. The higher the value, the more insulated the user is from second degree burn.
2HAF: Heat Attenuation Factor. The higher the HAF%, the more heat is blocked by the fabric.



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