Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential to worker safety – but being trained in the proper use of this equipment is equally vital. CHARNAUD® explains why PPE training is so important.

The Importance Of Training Employees In Correct PPE Use

PPE ensures the safety of workers. However, employers must remember that it is not enough to simply issue PPE. Every occupation has its own unique set of PPE requirements – and each item of PPE issued for these purposes has a right and wrong way to be used and worn in order to maximise workers’ safety. It is, therefore, essential that workers receive comprehensive training on how to use the equipment that is issued to them. Training should include:

  • An explanation of what PPE is required and why
  • Demonstrations of how to use each PPE item correctly
  • Details of how to adjust, wear and remove PPE
  • Care and maintenance of PPE

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Empowering Safety

The provision of PPE fulfils the employer’s obligation to provide for the safety, health and wellness of its staff. Good PPE training goes one step further by empowering staff members to take their safety into their own hands whilst working. Training programs should involve hands-on approaches to ensure effective PPE usage. Staff need to not only understand their PPE, but to master it.

PPE mastery requires real, interactive, practical training that puts the equipment and its users to the test in simulated hazardous scenarios. Training does not end after the initial course is completed. Time, the repetitive nature of the function performed and habit can easily lead to workers becoming complacent in their PPE usage. Safety is an ongoing process that requires care and constant vigilance. Ongoing training and regular refresher courses are thus vital.

Remember that PPE is not some sort of magical solution that staves off all threats as soon as it is put on. Quality PPE is designed to offer maximum protection to its users, but incorrect usage can swiftly nullify its benefits.

CHARNAUD®– Empowering Safety

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE for a variety of professions. We can help workers of all occupations to protect themselves against the hazards of their daily tasks. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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