Injuries and fatalities caused by arc flash are statistically significant. The chance of death due to body burns increases based on the percentage of the body burnt, and where the burns are. Arc flash fatalities can be prevented by wearing the correct personal protective equipment which matches the hazard one faces on the job. CHARNAUD® has been instrumental in manufacturing and supplying lifesaving PPE to multiple industries for decades. They have developed a specialised range of flame-resistant arc flash PPE and PPC, CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC®, which offers head-to-foot® protection for workers exposed to the threat of arc flash.

Arc-Related Casualties Remain High

An analysis of 120,000 electrical workers over 10 years* revealed that the number of arc-flash related injuries is high. Of 125 electrical-related injuries per annum, 77% are arc-related. Of those injuries, 21% caused permanent disabilities and 2.4% were fatal.

Exposure to electricity is hazardous, and more so if someone is not wearing the correct PPE. Body burns account for most of the injuries sustained after exposure to an arc flash, and the probability of survival decreases with the victim’s age. Statistically, a person who is aged between 50 – 59 years old who has 25% body burns has a 60% chance of surviving their injuries. However, if someone in that same age range has 75% burns to the body, their chance of survival drops to 20%.

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How to be Safer when Working with Energised Equipment

Wearing the correct PPE is undoubtedly the best way to stay safe when working with energised equipment and high voltages. However, due to the high number of arc-flash related injuries it is evident that workers are either wearing the incorrect level of PPE for the hazard, the wrong kind of PPE or no PPE at all. Aside from wearing the correct PPE, there are several other actions that may enhance safety, should an accident occur. While these techniques are advisable, they cannot take the place of lifesaving PPE. When working with energised equipment, it is best practice to do the following:

  • Use the ‘one-hand’ rule.
  • Stand out of the ‘line of fire’.
  • Resist the need to reach across the door.
  • Turn your head away so you are not facing the equipment.
  • Close your eyes and hold your breath.

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There is no technique or method that can prevent arc-related injuries and fatalities other than wearing the correct PPE. Unfortunately, familiarity breeds complacency and sometimes workers become lax about their safety on the job. The role of arc-flash safety wear is to keep the wearer alive should an arc flash happen. You cannot quantify the cost of lives lost, so it pays to purchase high quality, fully certified lifesaving PPE from a supplier who is experienced and reputable.

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