Welding is an essential operation in many industries. For welding work that is both safe and of the highest quality, it is essential for it to be carried out by trained professionals who are equipped with good personal protective equipment/clothing. After all, welding can be quite hazardous. The health hazards it presents include exposure to molten metal spatter, fumes and ultraviolet radiation. Welders are at risk of eye damage, burns, electrical shock and cuts. CHARNAUD® explains what PPE is required to protect against these risks.

What Equipment Is Needed To Protect Welders?

To keep welders safe against heat, molten metal and bright UV light associated with welding, the following equipment is needed at a minimum:

  • Protection for the face and eyes (welder’s helmet, goggles, safety glasses with side shields). In particular, the bright light associated with welding can cause permanent damage and must be guarded against.
  • Protection for the hands (gloves)
  • Protection for the body (apron, overalls)
  • Protection for the feet (appropriate boots)

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CHARNAUD®’s product range is designed to protect against the hazards associated with metalwork, including welding. The METAL-SAFE® range, for example, is a head-to-foot® collection of PPE made to protect against molten metal, iron splash, flames and welding splatter. This range is ideal for welders, as well as smelters and workers who operate furnaces. It includes face protection, undergarments, gloves, aprons, socks, balaclavas and smelter boots. Certain garments in the METAL-SAFE® range are made from aluminised fabric that provides protection against radiant heat as well as hot molten metal. All fabrics, garments and accessories are certified to international standards.

Included in the product offering is our METAL-SAFE® welding workwear with conti jacket and trousers. This welding outfit provides excellent protection against splatter and sparks. Aside from offering high levels of protection, it is also comfortable, breathable and moisture absorbent.

Come To CHARNAUD® To Get Your Crew Fitted With The Best PPE

CHARNAUD® supplies quality PPE for a variety of professions, including welding and other occupations involving metalwork. We can help workers of all occupations to protect themselves against the hazards of their daily tasks. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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