It really is important to understand that personal protective garments are essential for staff safety, as well as your business. CHARNAUD® explains why.

Why You Need PPE In Your Workplace

There are many reasons why you should wear PPE/C in the workplace. PPE/C not only provides protection against the specific hazards of your work environment, but also reduces long-term costs and boosts productivity.

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1. Increased Protection

PPE/C undoubtedly reduces the incidence of workplace injury, as well as minimising the impact of any potential accidents. Specialized PPE/C made from quality materials protect workers against heat, cold, electrical hazards, eye and hand injuries. Overlooking PPE/C or underestimating its efficacy is a terrible mistake. In some lines of work, it may be possible to avoid using PPE/C and work without incident, but the chance of an accident happening remains, and the lack of PPE/C could result in serious injury or even death. In other cases, such as firefighters or workers who deal with corrosive chemicals, PPE/C is an absolute, everyday necessity. If PPE/C is not used in these instances, injury at some point is a given.

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2. Reduced Absenteeism and Staff Turnover

Workers who feel looked after, and who are genuinely protected against injury, are more likely to show up and do their jobs well. It is a question of both morale and actual protection. Being supplied with PPE/C makes workers realise that their employees really care about their welfare. Since all workers have to wear the same equipment, there is greater potential for standardisation, teamwork and mutual accountability. Then, the protection that the PPE/C offers will guard against the incidence of injury, meaning that your staff are kept safe and continue to arrive at work and carry out their tasks.

3. Improved Compliance, Reduce Legal Problems

The provision of PPE/C is not only a voluntary act of care by employers for employees; it is mandatory. By providing all the PPE/C necessary in your industry, you can ensure that your business is compliant.

Allow CHARNAUD® To Fit Your Team with The Best PPE

CHARNAUD® is a supplier of quality PPE/C for a variety of professions. We can help workers of all occupations to protect themselves against the hazards of their daily tasks. Contact us for advice and quotations on PPE for your business.

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