CHARNAUD® understands the importance of on-the-job safety in a number of industries, including electrical work. As leading safety experts, CHARNAUD® has developed their CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® range to protect electrical workers against the thermal effects of arc flashes.

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The Benefits of CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® Head Protection

Head protection is a vital component when it comes to head-to-foot® protection and occupational safety. CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® head protection includes; helmets, visors and face shields, which are all designed to keep the wearer as safe as possible and allow them to perform their job unimpeded. Previously, face shields were most commonly tinted green which presented a number of challenges for the wearer. The protection offered by the grey face shields are built into the lens of the shield and cannot be peeled or scratched off.

Electrical workers work with small components and electrical wires of multiple colours, so it’s crucial that they are able to identify these wires correctly. Green tinted face shields have been known to distort the colours of wires. Electrical work is extremely hazardous so any incorrect identification of wire colour, could be catastrophic.

CHARNAUD® has replaced their green tinted face shields, with grey in their updated CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® range. Grey face shields allow for clearer vision and greater ease in identifying the true colour of electrical wires. The easier it is to perform the task at hand, the quicker the job can be completed. Better PPE means enhanced safety, greater efficiency and increased productivity overall. Get in touch with your CHARNAUD® representative to learn more about how advancements in the CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® range of garments and their head-to-foot® range can help your workers perform better and remain as safe as possible.

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