SURVIVE-ARC® Goggles 12 Cal CAT 2

SURVIVE-ARC® Goggles 12 Cal CAT 2

SURVIVE-ARC® Goggles 12 Cal CAT 2




• CHARNAUD® SURVIVE-ARC® eye protection.
• A primary protective Arc Goggle designed to specifically address the requirements of arc flash protection.

Colour Black with blue bezel.

Size Universally adjustable.


• Lens: Optically correct single-layer lens.
• Strap: Silicone, easily adjustable with gloves.
• Frame: Silicone, outer blue bezel designed with a protective nose shield.

Application Arc flash protective work wear for the electrical industry.

Hazard Assessments Thermal effects from electric arc flash, flames, and flash fires.


• The Arc Goggle in combination with an approved balaclava and hard hat/helmet is the only known system that provides an alternative to the use of “Bee Keeper” style hoods for electric arc safety. Provides primary eye protection as per ANSI Z84.1 and replaces the safety glass requirement.
• Compatible with cap style and full-brim safety helmets/hard hats.
• Fits over most prescription safety spectacles.
• Product weight 205 gm.

Product Standards Goggle:
ANSI Z87.1.
ASTM F2178.


The Arc Goggle is designed to be worn with an approved arc flash balaclava that meets or exceeds the hazard assessment: electrical arc flash as per the hazard assessment requirements listed in NFPA 70E: 2004. Use an appropriate helmet/hard hat to provide the required impact protection. This product does not meet the face shield requirements of NFPA 70E:2004. Arc flash clothing is intended to provide protection from the thermal effects of arc flash and this product must be used as part of an appropriate set of PPC and PPE to protect against the hazards of arc flash. This product complies with standards that are intended to protect against arc flash in most situations that arise in normal use. There may be exceptional cases in which even the best protection is not enough to prevent the harm caused by arc flash or the related effects and, although the product meets statutory and industry specifications, the use of this product does not guarantee that the product will provide complete protection in those exceptional cases. If you are in doubt or do not fully understand these limitations, contact the manufacturer for full information. The product may be returned to the supplier if you are not willing to accept a product that is subject to the limitations set out above. The normal life span of the lens is one (1) year of outdoor service and two(2) years of indoor service. The lens should be replaced timeously to ensure optimal performance and safety.



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