Firefighting is an extremely hazardous job – one that requires the tireless efforts of specially trained personnel. There are times when things can get extreme, even by firefighters’ standards. At these times, it is imperative that firefighters are fully equipped with all they need. It is important never to underestimate the risks of exposure to fires, or the abilities of specially designed PPE to provide powerful protection against them. CHARNAUD®’s FIRE-SAFE® PPE range has been created to keep firefighters safe even in the worst conditions.

Specialised PPE for Extreme Firefighting Conditions

Firefighters cannot afford to take any chances. Fires can cause untold devastation to people and property, and it is the job of professional firefighters to stop it from doing so. As they step into the line of duty, however, particularly when struggling against major structural fires or bush fires, they expose themselves to all the unpredictable risks that fire brings with it. In these extreme conditions, it is vital that they have all the equipment they need to keep them safe. This involves full head-to-foot protection, including high-heat resistant boots, helmets, socks, balaclavas and gloves.

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CHARNAUD® has engineered its FIRE-SAFE® garments specifically to counter even the most dangerous risks associated with firefighting. We outfit firefighters from head to foot, to keep them safe from burns and other injuries. If you are more likely to encounter bush fires than structural fires, then our Bhulumlilo Bush Fire Coverall should form the core of your work clothing. When combined with safety boots and the right pair of gloves, this outfit will help you restore calm and safety in beleaguered rural areas, while minimising the risk to you and your team.

We also specialise in PPE for structural firefighters. From helmets to coveralls, bunker suits, gloves and boots, we have you covered.

Firefighters are already under enough stress in the line of duty. With quality PPE, they can at least rest assured that they are fully protected when they set out to do their dangerous, lifesaving work.

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