ASTM F1891 is the Standard Specification for Arc and Flame-Resistant Rainwear. This standard outlines the minimum physical, thermal and arc flash performance criteria for rainwear used by personnel who are at risk of exposure to momentary electric arc. As with any kind of personal protective equipment and clothing (PPE/C), users need to know and understand the protection capabilities of their safety gear. Some factors, including exposure to high levels of moisture or precipitation can minimise the protective qualities of PPE. CHARNAUD® manufactures and produces PPE for personnel who are exposed to rain but still require full protection from the hazards of electric arcs.

What Performance Criteria does ASTM F1891 Include?

Not all arc-rated PPE can withstand exposure to rain. In fact, many AR safety garments may not be certified for protection against electric arc in rainy conditions. It is therefore important that people who are at risk of exposure to the thermal effects of an arc flash, , are correctly protected by their PPE.

What Test Methods are Used for Arc-rated Rainwear?

To determine the performance criteria of a protective garment material or combination thereof, they must undergo a range of tests. The test method used is ASTM F1959, which is the Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing. During testing, the Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) as well as the Energy Breakopen Threshold (EBT) are reported. Furthermore, the material is also exposed to twice the arc rating (cal/cm2) to make sure that there is no dripping and/or melting.

What are the Minimum Performance Criteria as per ASTM F1959?

ASTM F1959 is the Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing; also referred to as “The Arc Rating Test”. The Arc Rating Test is used to determine the level of arc flash protection a fabric or fabric system provides for the wearer. However, there are some minimum requirements that a fabric or fabric system must meet. One of the minimum requirements of ASTM F1959 is a minimum arc rating of 5 cal/cm2. Additionally, all tests must be performed before the material undergoes 5 wash cycles, as well as after 5 wash cycles. The pre- and post-wash cycle testing does not apply to the arc test.

For Quality Garments Partner with CHARNAUD®

People like first responders, rescue and emergency services and municipal road workers require protection from the hazards of arc flash, even in wet weather. Not only do they require adequate protection, but they also need to be able to perform their jobs with as little hinderance as possible. CHARNAUD® manufactures and supplies arc-rated PPE that is comfortable and lightweight while also offering the right level of arc protection against the intended hazard. Contact CHARNAUD® to find out more or to request a quote.

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