Without a doubt, COVID-19 is going to have a huge impact on every aspect of our lives, including the workforce. Here at CHARNAUD, we are determined to keep up with the changes that are starting to be implemented.

How the Coronavirus has Altered the Modern Workplace Forever

While the extent of this impact will not be realized until the pandemic has passed, keep reading the blog as we reveal some of the basic changes that we are going to see regarding COVID-19 and the future workforce.

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More Focus on Protective Gear

One of the major impacts within the workplace that COVID-19 will have is on keeping employees as safe as possible. It is likely there is going to be a great focus on protective gear and PPE equipment. Employees will have a greater awareness of the need for safety equipment and the risks to their health that are evident within the workplace. This protective gear is not only going to be raised in importance within sectors that are directly related to the virus, such as healthcare, but it is also likely that many companies will rethink their attitude toward protective gear, such as flash protective and manufacturing wear.

Better Health & Safety Policies

Here at CHARNAUD, we know the importance of implementing tight health and safety policies across the workforce, and the novel coronavirus has increased the amount of planning that is being put into health and safety policies. Many policies are currently under review, and this is not only in terms of short-term measures, such as employees remaining 2m apart and extra cleaning procedures. Instead, this overhaul in health and safety policies will also lead to an increased demand for PPE equipment and garment aftercare services, which will ensure that clothing does not remain toxic after the workday is done.

Increased Working from Home

A change to the workforce that is already evident and is likely to remain in place after the quarantine ends is an increased amount of the workforce working from home. Rather than work in offices or workplaces where germs can spread, businesses may turn the temporary remote working into something more permanent.

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Although it is apparent that many companies in the construction and manufacturing industries will not be able to do this. Instead, these companies will have to put a greater focus on safety measures. They will have to ensure they have the minimum of employees in the workplace and that any risk to them is reduced through the use of the right equipment, such as protective wear.

Creation of Disaster Plans

As part of these health and safety plans, workplaces are also more likely to create disaster plans that can be implemented in the event of an unforeseen circumstance like this occurring in the workplace or amid their workforce. The leadership that follows will change over time, with many leaders developing intricate disaster plans that can help to protect both them and their employees from similar situations in the future, from pandemics to natural disasters. This will reduce the risk to employees and ensure that there is an established and tested course of action to follow.

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If you need help to implement this, the range of products that we offer here at CHARNAUD can help to make your company a safer place for all of your workforce and yourself.

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