METAL-SAFE® ALFAB Aluminised sleeve protectors

METAL-SAFE® ALFAB Aluminised sleeve protectors

Application: Work wear for protection in furnaces.


Metal-Safe® Alfab sleeve protectors are cylinder shaped cover from wrist to elbow with elastic at each end.


Colour Silver/ Aluminized
Size One size fits all
Materials Alfab® five layered coating of aluminium foil, laminated onto a non-combustible and ultra-high heat resistant textile substrate.
Product Standards MIL-C-24929A and EN 531 .
Hazard Assessments Extreme radiant heat and molten metal splash.
Product Comments CHARNAUD & Co (Pty) Ltd offers a complete head-to-foot kit in ALPAN®. The range includes jackets, trousers, coats, spats, gloves, over boots and a hood with a gold mirror visor reflecting 99% of radiant heat and gives excellent UV and IR protection.

Product Features

  • Strong space age fiber.
  • Engineered textile, flexible work wear garments.
  • Can’t burn or melt.
  • Resists molten steel.
  • Cool and light to wear freedom of movement.
  • High seam strength, durable, flexible, no de-lamination.
  • Good moisture regain, acting as a thermal barrier.
  • Maintain strength in ultra-high temperatures, up to 2900°C.
  • Reflects 95% of radiant heat.



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