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In addition to manufacturing and distributing personal protective clothing and safety equipment, CHARNAUD® also offers garment aftercare and custom branding services.


As a leading global supplier of protective clothing, CHARNAUD® manufactures various certified products, made for head-to-foot® safety in any environment. Our garments offer reliable protection against the thermal effects of electric arc flash, molten metal (red metal) splash molten aluminium, and flames.

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    CHARNAUD® was founded in 1975 by Fiona and Andrew CHARNAUD® to manufacture industrial rainwear for the South African market. The organisation has since expanded its range considerably and now supplies advanced personal protective clothing in head to foot® ranges to various sectors of the global economy.

    These include: Firefighting, Smelters, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Petrochemical industries.

    CHARNAUD® has been involved in the hot-metal market since 1978, and in the primary aluminium smelter market since 1999.

    In 2005, CHARNAUD® launched a range of head to foot® products to protect workers against the thermal effects of electric arc flash.

    CHARNAUD® is regarded as a leading global supplier of certified head to foot® personal protective clothing products and is committed to the protection and safety of its customers.